Super DLT

High capacity variant of DLT tapes.

Super DLT (Super Digital Linear Tape)

The SDLT is an evolution of DLT backups originally developed by Quantum. This backup format was designed to meet the growing needs for storage capacity and performance.

A key feature of SDLT lies in its head management using a laser beam called LGMR (Laser Guided Magnetic Recording). Unlike traditional DLT backups, SDLT utilizes both sides of the tape to store data and optical tracking and positioning information. It is this side that the laser beam leverages to ensure increased precision in head positioning.

By employing the laser technology, SDLT provides greater accuracy in the positioning of read/write heads, resulting in significantly improved read and write performance. Additionally, this technology enables an increase in the storage capacity of SDLT cartridges.

SDLT and DLT cartridges have identical dimensions, measuring 105.7 mm width x 105.4 mm length x 25.4 mm height. The tape length can vary from 557 to 630 meters, while the tape width remains the same for all formats at 12.7 mm.

In summary, Super DLT (SDLT) is an evolution of DLT backups, offering enhanced head management through the use of a laser beam. This technology allows for greater precision in head positioning and increased storage capacity. SDLT cartridges share the same dimensions as DLT cartridges, with variable tape lengths but a constant tape width.